Galactic Conquest: Dusting off an old gem

Let’s jump in a time machine and go back to around 2003.

Space Federation Galactic Conquest @ 800×600

At 800×600 you might wonder why the picture is so small, it was the ‘small’ resolution those days, kind of like today’s 1366×768 on cheaper laptops. If you had a ‘big’ 17″ CRT screen back then it would only look like the screenshot below within the red border, and it shows how a full hd resolution screen like on today’s ‘normal’ laptops makes Space Federation Galatic Conquest look.

Space Federation Galactic Conquest @ 1920×1080 bordered 1024×768

My first attempt at dusting off this old gem resulted in the screenshot below and it basically shows the same only a little more spacious and modern.


I’m excited to work along with the guys maintaining Space Federation Galactic Conquest in their free time, until next update!

Edit: check out the live preview, note it’s subject to change (a lot) and not everything will look properly at all times.