Unity 5 – Into the darkness

So you want to go into the darkness? Seen some of the questions on the internet let’s get this over with!

It’s all just a few steps into darkness, assuming you’ve already created a project.


  1. Delete the Directional Light
  2. o

  3. Select your (main) camera
  4. o

  5. Inspector > Clear flags > Solid Color, black if you want
  6. o

  7. Create a plane and you’ll notice you can still see it, not truly black right?
  8. o

  9. Go to Window > Lighting
  10. o

  11. Set the skybox to none
  12. o

  13. Set the ambient mode to color and select black if you want
  14. o

  15. Check again a true black scene before you place your lights!

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