Income Messages 1.337.000 $ 1.000.000 F 888.273 P 30 T RT Paddo Swam

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Name Class Pop Max Pop Loyalty Land Max Land Ore Mineral
Total 200 200 500 200
H.9644 Balanced 200 200 50 379 500 200 Terran Metal


Outsidthbox: I can see an update, the rank page is a bit blacker

chosen : =P

Godsend : Lol nothing to apologize for, you didn`t know, it just feels kinda awkward being called "bro" lol

chosen : oh im sry =) i mean `sis" holy master Godsend >> =) the rich get`s richer !! the poor get`s richer !! . and the middle class get`s nothin

Godsend : Lol that`s "sis," Chosen ;)

chosen: and come`s back to full activeness soon ... that would be nice

chosen: yes we know your a Godsend bro lol =) and your tryin to help it >>. hopefully fortythree doesnt have problems` when his vm end`s ...

chosen: go ahead Godsend . give it a try +)

Godsend: and I DO have a small population of my own to feed.

Godsend: I`d post what little I have left to try to bring some sanity back to the market, but it`s not nearly enough,